Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dolphin 3D subsection of i-CAT Users Group

Greeatings, i-CAT users! I'd like to keep this area for discussions regarding using the Dolphin 3D program with i-CAT. Please publish your comments, suggestions and criticisms here! I will personally check it, along with Dolphin soft engineers and technical support personnel.

Happy i-CATing!

Chester Wang


Blogger Eric Iwamoto said...

When we will get the Dolphin 3D version demonstrated at the AAADMRT Phoenix conference?

6:48 PM  
Blogger Chester Wang said...

Good QUESTION! I'm actually testing a version right now as we speak; I estimate within the next couple of weeks (or less)?! We're cleaning it up so you can generate beautiful panos and cephs. And if you thought the quality you saw was good...wait 'til you see THIS! Okay, no more teasing.


7:05 PM  
Blogger Don Croall said...

Chester...Will Dolphin 3D be able to produce an axial view. I have several orthodontists who use a SMV routinely as part of their survey. Also will you have a window level tool that operates in real time (similar to ISI's). It works much faster than individual tools.

1:12 PM  
Blogger Chester Wang said...

Don - Make sure you currenty have Version 1.7 of Dolphin 3D. If not, email me and I'll make sure that you have the very latest. This version should automatically upgrade when there are new updates.

The very next release should have the SMV. For now, you can always use the "Lateral Right" view by re-orienting the patient's head appropriately to obtain the SMV view (from the bottom).

I hope this answers your questions. Keep them coming!!


4:18 PM  
Blogger Don Croall said...

I have version 1.5
1.7 would be appreciated.
Is that the version Gary
was demonstrating in Phoenix?

1:37 PM  
Blogger Chester Wang said...

Thanks for the comments, Don. You should have gotten the email of the latest Version 1.8 by now. Starting with this version, all updates can be done automatically, as long as you are connected to the Internet (how cool is THAT?!)

We are making our ways through updating everyone right now. Shoot me an email (chester@dolphinimaging.com) if you need it right away.

In Dolphin 3D version 1.8, not only you can generate beautiful panos easily, but we've further enhanced the outcome so it looks ever better. Also, we introduced a unique awesome feature of allowing you to vary the trough width along the arch/path, i.e., different width in the anterior section and the condylar section. This way, you actually have a choice of picking up A LOT of the anterior teeth (to accommodate large descrpencies of upper/lower jaws) and at the same time only only get a thin slice of the TMJ to get clear definitions of the condyle outline.

Happy 3D. Please keep the comments coming.


9:41 PM  
Blogger Chester Wang said...

Dear i-CAT'ers -

Version 1.8 of Dolphin 3D Pre-release is now officially available! Depending on your existing version (1.5 or later), you should able to receive this update automatically over the Internet (simply open the program and you shall receive a notice). Otherwise, please contact me and I'll make the appropriate arrangements for you.

Changes to this version:

1. In Radiograph Builder, added Window Leveling feature, a quick way to adjust the brightness/contrast effect of the image in place with your mouse. To use, click/drag the resultant image: down vertical increases the soft tissue level; right horizontal increase hard tissue level.
2. The volumetric object displayed in the "Pano Generation Setup" Dialog can now be fully rotated/oriented in 3-space; place cursor on the bottom of "Height Range" window to rotate image; click and drag the skull image to re-orient in 3 space. In fact, starting with this version, ANY window displaying a 3D volumetric object will allow you to rotate the volume (without affecting the other dimensions) when you place the mouse near the edge of the window (cursor will change shape).
3. The arch view in the "Pano Generation Setup" is now oriented from the bottom looking up (opposite from previous version), apparently this is a more “standardized” orientation.
4. The points on the anterior and posterior curves of the panoramic projection path can now be adjusted independently.
5. Each segment on the Pano projection path can now be set to an independently thickness. Right-click over the specific segment/point and select thickness: allows you to quickly set (and reset) the thickness at a specific section along the arch without having to tediously dragging the points.

We're making the changes as quickly as we can from the comments from the community. Wait 'til you see the NEXT version! There's something very, very cool for those of you who submit 3D volumetric cases to doctors regularly... Enjoy!


7:27 AM  
Blogger Chester Wang said...

The next release of Dolphin 3D (v 1.9) will contain a greatly improved UI (user interface) for the Radiograph Builder. You will have a lot more functions and more flexibilities to generate all types of views of radiographs from i-CAT scans (Lateral, Pano, Frontal, SMV, etc.) Also, for those of you who use Camtasia or other movie making programs on a regular basis for your 3D records to the customers, a super cool, integrated *Dolphin 3D Movie Maker* will be available!

So, stay tuned... It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...

Ho, ho, ho!


4:38 PM  
Blogger Eric Iwamoto said...

I've seen the regular Santa and the Japanese Shogun Santa, yet this is the first time I've heard about the Dolphin Santa! I presume this means on Christmas Day we can expect to find (v 1.9) in our electronic email stockings!

"I believe! I believe in the Dolphin Santa! Please bring me 3D(1.9) and Imaging 10! I've been good all year!"

6:14 PM  
Blogger Chester Wang said...

Actually, you should be able to get Version 10 of Imaging alrady, so contact Joseph to get it installed.

As for 3D 1.9, I'll have to check my list twice to see if you were really, really naughty or nice... (and tell more people to participate in the blog, okay?!)

- Dolphin Santa

10:39 PM  
Blogger Chester Wang said...

A beta version of Dolphin 3D 1.9 CAN BE made available to you before Christmas (or Hanukkah or ??)! The biggest additions:

- Movie function
- Improved, simplied screens for creating radiographs

If you want to try it out before the actual mass release, please email me ASAP(chester@dolphinimaging.com)--and I do mean seriously try it out--otherwise, you can just wait for the mass release. We need you to play with it right away and give us feedback (so we may improve further) before we make the mass release.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.


5:45 PM  
Blogger Bill Harrell said...

Hi everybody. This user group blog will be great to share info. Chester, when might the Dol 3D be able to be networked so can use on more than one computer?
Bill Harrell

6:28 AM  
Blogger Chester Wang said...

Dolphin 3D should already network ready, provided that you have a Network key.

Bill - please contact Joseph@dolphinimaging.com and he'll get you setup.

To set it up, you'll need to designate a network server to store all of your DICOM (original), Dolphin 3D and 3dMD (and others) data. I highly recommend that you setup on a Gigbit network, due to the vast amount of information that is passing through your network. But, please do try it out and let us know how you find it (even if it's on a regular 100BaseT network).



11:23 AM  
Blogger Bill Harrell said...

Thanks Chester, I will contact joseph. Yes we do have a Gigabit router.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Chester Wang said...

Keep in mind that each computer would need to have Gigabit NIC (network interface card) and compatible network cabling to take full advantage of maximum throughput.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Chester Wang said...

Dolphin 3D 1.9 Pre-release has now been made available in a mass distribution. Noted features include a Movie Maker and a revised, even easier-to-use UI for creating radiographic images.

Registered users should receive this update automatically.

For more information, please contact support@dolphinimaging.com.

Happy 2006!

9:12 PM  
Blogger janbell said...

We have been using 3D Dolphin as a part of our i-CAT workups now and WOW what a reaction from our users. Thanks for the great functionality....makes movie making a breeze and worth our time to add it as a perk for our customers.

Dolphin leads again!


9:10 AM  

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