Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tips & tricks from the meadle east

In order to keep edentolous(or partialy edentolous) patients perfectly stable, I use this flat tray to take an impresion. during the curing time I already set the patient positioning. It doesn't take to much time & the results are perfect !!
You can eliminate this material on the 3DVR !


Blogger Eric Iwamoto said...

Amnon, that is a wonderful method to stabilize the completely edentulous patient! The problem in California is that we (x-Ray Techs)are not allowed to take impressions on patients.

6:13 PM  
Blogger Amnon said...

Eric, You are not taking any phisical measurements.
You are not taking an impression of the patient. You only stabilize the patient by means of this material & then directly to the garbage. The next stage will be to ask the distributor to distribute it under the title: stabilizing material. Amnon

10:13 AM  

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