Friday, May 12, 2006

Dolphin's New Hi-def 3D Facial Camera

Dear fellow i-CAT users - Dolphin is now offering a high-definition 3D facial camera system for the users of i-CAT and other CBCT systems. By using Dolphin's 3D software, the output of this 3D camera system can be merged with CBCT patient scans to create a complete virtual patient model for diagnosis and presentation. A few years ago, this is the stuff you can only dream about or see in sci fi movies!

Orthodontists from the AAO meeting in Las Vegas this past weekend were very excited to witness this new product being demonstrated. This 3D facial camera allows the doctors to actually present the patient's CBCT scans in a "friendly" manner (by merging the "real face looking" image from the 3D camera with a CBCT scan, replacing the CBCT soft tissue surface). There are also many research projects on facial analysis that orthodontists and orthognathic surgeons will use in the near future.

This technology is unique: not only it accurately models the patient facial contour geometry at sub-millimeter precision, it also re-creates the patient's hair, facial blemishes and lots of details that no other technology is capable of. The output looks as real and as detailed as your current high resolution (2D) clinical photograph. You won't believe it's a 3D model! The design of this system is elegant and simple: 4 off-the-shelve SLR digital cameras, triggering electronics, mounting parts and the Di3D proprietary software. Everything cleanly connects into a high-speed USB port of your computer.

Please check out the press release announcement and full details! Comments are welcome! I’ll post more pictures and animations shortly.


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