Monday, November 14, 2005

i-CAT Users Meeting

Dr. Arnett's Advanced Orthognathic Surgery Foundation is having their annual meeting at the Andalucia Hotel in Santa Barbara, January 19-21, 2006. The featured speakers will be Dr. Arnett, Chester (Dolphin Imaging), Arun (ISI i-CAT), 3dMD, & Dr. Binder. This"advanced" course is for past attendees of Dr. Arnett's beginning course. The two Keynote speakers and additional nine speakers have presentations designed for orthodontists.

Chester suggested that we hold our i-CAT users Meeting at the same hotel since Arun, Dr. Gunson and Chester will already be in the same building and all three will present to our group on Saturday. I will check if 3dMD would give us a short presentation too. We would also be allowed to enter the vendors room to view their displays. Michaele Carnahan is Dr. Arnett's office manager and she will give us a tour of Dr. Arnett's facility.

I have reserved an available meeting room at Hotel Andalucia on Saturday, January 21 that will fit 30 people (clasroom style-tables & chairs) with AV equipment. The hotel requires us to post a deposit very soon or else they will release the room. The cost of the room, continental breakfast, lunch and equipment rental will be approximately $100 per person, based on 30 attendees. I will need to collect those funds in advance as the hotel requires full payment before the event date. If we eliminate the tables and only have chairs, we can fit more people so the cost can be lowered. I have to know right now who will be able to attend so I can confirm the reservation & speakers. All of this is tentative and we all need to decide what is best for all the i-CAT Users. Please response immediately in the comments area next to my name.

Kathleen, if we do not get enough quick reponses, do you have room at your office to hold a meeting? How far is your office from Dr. Arnett's and Hotel Andalucia? How many people can you accomodate for a meeting?

Thank you!


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Count me in for the meeting. Who will be collecting the money

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