Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Reconstructing Raw data

Sorry, I didn't intend to be "missing in action" for the last week or so. However, a trip to Florida and a steep increase in tech support calls directed my way due to Samantha's maternity leave caused a major backlog in my e-mail.

To answer Matt's question, 0.4 mm and 0.3 mm scans can be interchangeably reconstructed, and so can the 0.2 & 0.25 scans. However, the boundary between these 2 groups should not be crossed. Although the system might permit it, there would be no gain in "real" resolution, in fact there likely would be a loss.

Yris was reconstructing across this boundary for the specific purpose of minimizing halo/circumference artifacts.



Blogger Matt Kroona said...


If I reconstruct a .4mm scan to .3mm, do I get any benefit in exchange for the larger file and longer reconstruct time?

1:18 PM  
Blogger Arun said...

Reconstructing at 0.3mm does provide greater resolution and hence greater detail. Whether it provides true diagnostic benefit depends on the object being viewed/interpreted.

9:35 PM  

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