Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Storage & Backups

How long is everyone storing their images for immediate retrieval? How are you archiving for long term? What are you doing to extend the computer storage capacity? My computer tech wants to know how everyone is backing up their images, redundancy, and what your disaster recovery plan is if your server goes down. Obviously, ours is pretty well maxed out and are looking to plan a better system. Any ideas?


Blogger Liz Qualtier said...

We currently advise users to always export each case in XoranCAT.xstd format to a server and then backup the server atleast daily. This file format can always be re-imported to i-CAT software and other formats can then be re-created if necessary (Dicom 3, etc). We also advise to delete raw data on a regular basis from the Acquisition computer to free up space. Again, if you are satisfied with the case, and it has been exported in XSTD format to a server, then the raw data is really not necessary to keep. I'm sorry, I don't have much to offer for catastrophic server crashes but make sure the backup of the server can be restored...

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Blogger devery said...

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Blogger devery said...

My tech has set me up with software called "snaps". It is a simple software with powerful capability. I have redundency everywhere. He has suggested using DVD's for my exporting because I don't have a need for a server at the present time.

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Blogger devery said...

Sorry the software is called Snapshot.

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