Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Any radiologists out there?

This is a 3DVR sinus/teeth view looking down into the sinus of 79 year old male patient. I am curious what the 2 "bulb" like masses are in the right sinus. Anyone have an idea?


Blogger Dania Tamimi said...

This looks like a mucous retention psuedocyst. It's thought to arise from the blockage of the ducts of the mucous glands in the wall of the sinus. The mucous collects under the mucosa, resulting in the swelling of the tissues.

If you are interested in pathology, check out White and Pharoah's "Oral Radiology Principles and Interpretation", which is the leading textbook in the OMR field. For something a little simpler, try "Color Atlas of Dental Medicine - Radiology" by Friedrich A. Pasler

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