Thursday, December 04, 2008

100% Digital!!!

I used my last piece of x-ray film this morning. I am now 100% digital! It took a year to get here but there's no looking back now!


Blogger Eric Iwamoto said...

Congratulations Matt! Are you using plates or sensors for your intraorals? What brand did you pick and why?

Marcelle or Vicki, we understand you have converted one of your imaging centers to full digital mode. What intraoral system are you using and why?

Matt and Marcelle, you have the Planmeca digital pan/ceph combo? If so, have you experienced any problems with patient movement with the 18 second ceph scan?

E-Woo sells a special full size sensor for their pan/ceph unit. The problem is that it is combined with their digital pan and I already have the digital Planmeca pan.

Dan Halpert has been field testing a CR plate intraoral, pan and ceph scanning system from AMS. No news when that will be available.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Matt Kroona said...

I went with the Air Techniques ScanX PSP system. After a shakey start, I'm pretty pleased with it now. I like being able to use #0 size film on the little kids, plus it takes occlusals too. I also bought the pan/ceph version so that I can use my old film equipment for a backup if I need.

Regarding the Plameca ceph...I have found that having patients sit in a chair helps reduce the number of moved films I get. I still occasionally have to take a film ceph but it's getting more and more rare. The Planmeca cephs are so good and so much easier to trace than film. I highly recommend it!

2:01 PM  

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