Wednesday, November 16, 2005

i-CAT Users Meeting in Santa Barbara-Cancelled!

Dr. Arnett's wonderful manager, Michaele, valiantly attempted to accommodate our request to hold a concurrent i-CAT meeting at the same hotel and during the same time as Dr. Arnett's Advanced Orthognathic Surgery Foundation Meeting and unfortunately it did not work out. The other reason was the lack of sufficient interest from the i-CAT users. It also seemed like it was just bad timing as many of you already had prior commitments for that weekend.

Arun said that he is willing to fly out (again) just to attend our meeting. Therefore, we can schedule the i-CAT users meeting for another day that would accommodate more people. Please indicate on the comments section (next to my name) what days you are available in January or Febuary. If we have the meeting at someone's office, it would eliminate the costs of the hotel meeting room, AV equipment, food and drinks. Any volunteers?


Blogger Matt Kroona said...

I'm leaning toward So. Cal. on a Saturday. No offense to No. Cal. or Santa Barbara-ites. I think something near a major airport would make it easier if someone wanted to fly in for the day. A thought would be to find a restaurant with a banquet room(Claim Jumper near my office has a nice one). We could set up around a couple of long tables, set up a screen and projector, bring our notebooks and spend the day. The restaurant could serve us lunch and we'd be out before the dinner rush begins. If people are interested in Orange County again I'd be happy to work on some dates with the Claim Jumper...but I don't want to step on anyone's toes. There are other good places around I'm sure. Just a thought.

2:20 PM  
Blogger Duane Perry said...

I know most of you are in the wonderful state of California BUT have you thought of holding it here in Salt Lake City? We have a major airport and actually are in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast. I would be happy to look into a convenient meeting place. Just a thought(I don't have many, so let me know).

2:50 PM  

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