Thursday, November 24, 2005


Is anyone using the Codonics printer for their i-CAT reports? I'm looking into getting one as the first step toward going 100% digital. I'm curious how the reports compare to ink jet, how much each print costs, how they look on paper compared to clear, stuff like that.

I am currently using an Epson inkjet printer and am happy with the quality of the output but not happy with the speed of the printer or the drying time of the ink. Any suggestions?


Blogger Don Croall said...

There was some talk about six months ago that Codonics was going to produce a printer for our industry in the $3500-$4000
range. You might want to check into that before spending the big bucks ;-)

11:06 AM  
Blogger Matt Kroona said...

Anyone know anything about this?

4:18 PM  
Blogger Craig Dial said...


I have been talking to the top Codonics rep regarding a dental version printer. They want to buils one for the dental market.

We are working on setting up a time to go over the minimum reqirements for a "dental" printer. The Codonics printers now have extra stuff in them that we do not use, but pay for because they are built that way.

I can let this group know when I get a little farther with Codonics and ask your opinions as to what type of printer we would like to have.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Matt Kroona said...

Sounds good. Keep me posted.

10:53 AM  

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