Monday, July 02, 2007

Hello all, I have a question for all of you out there using 3DVR. What little tweaks to do you make in the VRT parameters to get the really thin bone of the maxilla to show up on the rendering? Often I get a scan with the maxilla onion thin and I cannot get the bone to show up when I make the model.Which ones of the 4 choices do you adjust and what way...up or get the thin bone to show? I have started to use this more and would appreciate some advise. Thanks, Kathleen Cox


Blogger Matt Kroona said...

I run into that occasionally and I generally don't like taking the time to tweak it to see if I can show that thin layer of bone. If you want to try, there are things you can play with in the "VRT Parameters". Using the Bone/Teeth display, on "Range 2", the "CT # from" setting can be played with, and the "Transparency %" can also be played with. If you get it all screwed up, don't worry. Just click the "Reset to Defaults" button and you'll be back to square one.

Another thing you can play with is the "General Setup, HU Calibration Offset". This may bring some bone into view but it may also bring other noise as well. I usually leave mine at around 250. The manual gives a technique to set it but I have found that 250 seems to work best for me.

Finally, I have found that .4mm scans look the nicest on 3DVR.

Amnon seems to be pretty good at this stuff. He helped me a lot at the Monterey meeting. "What do think Amnon? Any ideas?"

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Blogger Amnon said...

Sorry for the delay!!
Take the general Setup high just below getting noise.
In VRT parameters "range 2" take the transparency down to "0"
Another possibility is to choose the "Bone" but you have more adjustments for reasonable colors.
Regards, Amnon

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