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I had a Dr. visit me recently and I could tell he is thinking of buying an i-cat for himself. He thinks that if he buys this piece of equipment and it is paid for in 5 years, that he will be in good shape and not have to buy anything else. I told him although the CBCT unit is good, it won’t be the same machine in 5 years. So I thought I would put a time line together and show Dr.s the pace of change when it comes to imaging and advancing technology. This is to not only discourage my referrals to buying CBCT’s , but also show that my company has kept up with the ever changing world of this technology and that the imaging lab is the best place for emerging and updating equipment as it becomes available.

Please see below my idea and outline. Feel free to use it for yourselves if you feel it has any value, I would also ask for input as to how to finish this……..

Time line of Advanced Dental Imaging

15 years ago: Linear Tomography was state of the art for cross sectional imaging
10 years ago: Complex Motion, computer assisted tomography replaced Linear
5 years ago: 8 bit cone beam (CBCT) scanning replaced complex motion tomography
2 years ago: 12 bit CBCT came on the market, replacing the 8 bit system
Today: 14 bit CBCT is replacing 12 bit CBCT
Tomorrow: 16 bit will replace the 14 bit systems of CBCT
Future beyond: Computer guided procedures will become available

Don’t get caught in buying a digital x-ray machine. You may think you have state of the art equipment, but technology changes very fast. Allow DDI to continue to be your imaging recourse for state of the art technology. DDI has always been on the cutting edge, bringing to you the very latest in technology. With DDI, you will always have the very best and latest imaging available. Don’t get caught in the 5-year payment plan of equipment, by the time it is paid off, it will be outdated. DDI can keep you up to date. We research and re-invest to bring the dental community the very best and future imaging products, allowing our referrals access the future. Blah blah blah………


Blogger Matt Kroona said...

I don't recall who said this, but one of last year's convention speakers gave a formula for buying any new technology. He said:

1-It should pay for itself in the first year
2-It should make you money in the second year
3-You should plan on replacing it in the 3rd year.

Sounds about right.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Craig Dial said...

I have been in the CBCT world for 5 1/2 years, and I have already owned 3 generations of CBCT units (8bit, 12 bit and 14bit). Each machine was a technology break through, each unit has it purpose and added value, and I do not think any unit was a bad decision for us. We just remember to continue to advance and learn, otherwise our head will not stay above the water line.

Not that we have to keep up with technology, I mean look at the Quint Sectograph, after 30+ years, it still takes a very nice tomograph right? Hey, and your 386 computer can still type out a nice letter using Word Perfect......

This group here is the exception I think, we all seem to try and keep up with this changing field. I personally love it changing, our jobs are so exiting, it never stays the same!

So anyone want to try and finish my comments beyond the Blah Blah…?

10:54 AM  

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