Thursday, January 24, 2008

i-CAT users Meeting

The i-CAT users meeting will be held on Sunday, March 16, 2008 (the day after the AADMRT spring seminar) at the Universal Hilton adjacent to Universal Studios. When you make your room reservation, mention the AADMRT to obtain the reduced room rate. Bob Hope/Burbank Airport is less than a 15 minute drive and only five miles from the Universal Hilton.

What's happening with i-CAT Vision and the nerve detection tool? Are you ready to upgrade your i-CAT classic? What software upgrades are now available? Do you need additional assistance with generating reports? Does ISI sponsor continuing education classes specifically for the i-CAT? Find out the answers to these questions and much more at the i-CAT users meeting!

Much appreciation must go to Imaging Sciences International because they will sponsor this all day event. The main reason the i-CAT has been so successful is primarily due to the people of Imaging Sciences International. They spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours devoted to research, design, develop, manufacture and service the i-CAT, which has truly revolutionized dental imaging. Quite often, companies that successful tend to sit back, relax and spend the money, yet you won't find that type of mentality at ISI. What is immediately different is the huge amount of money that has been poured back into the company to expand research and development (R& D). They hired more people because of ISI's intense determination to discover methods to improve the product while providing the best service possible. We already have i-CAT Vision, 14 bit sensors and even a new generation i-CAT! Attend the i-CAT users meeting to find out what Imaging Sciences International is developing right now. You already have the very best product on the market, now is the time to learn how to maximize the i-CATs tremendous potential.

Please contact Liz Qualtier, Educational Director of Imaging Sciences International at (800) 205-3570 x 284. Reserve your seat as soon as possible because we were only able to secure a small meeting room and space is truly limited.


Blogger Eric Iwamoto said...

The i-CAT users meeting is scheduled to follow the same format as in previous occasions. It will start at 9 am with a representative from ISI who will discuss the latest news from Imaging Sciences International. We always hope that Arun Singh (Chief Technology Officer of ISI) will be able to personally attend the spring meeting, but his schedule changes daily so we can only hope for the best. I am grateful that Liz Qualtier (Educational Director of ISI) is willing to make the huge effort to trek across the country to attend the spring meeting and chair the event. I hope that Mark Nguyen will also be able to attend and demonstrate his vast knowledge of ideal VRT parameters and what ranges maximize 3D rendering images. We should also learn how to utilize the new i-CAT Vision software to generate and customize reports.

Chester Wang (Director of Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions) has graciously agreed to send someone to demonstrate the newest imaging and 3D software from Dolphin.

I will contact other i-CAT users to find out if they can share their knowledge and give a short presentation on how they format scans, what window levels they use, the best parameters for 3DVR, etc. I will also present on a project that compares the i-CAT with digital panoramic images. After the presentations, we will have the usual round table discussions that is open to all questions.

The important items on the agenda will be at the beginning of the meeting so non-local people can catch late afternoon and early evenings flights back home. In order to save time, ISI will have the hotel provide box lunches so we can continue the meeting without interruption and end early.

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