Monday, December 10, 2007

Computer Problems!!

Ok - our i-CAT computer is dying. Our morning patients are cancelled, our IT guy is here right now trying to resurrect the computer - again! This the original computer from our 2004 i-CAT installation, running on Windows 2000 Professional. Obviously, we are replacing it.

We have 5 computers in our office all networked to a server. We are spending a fortune on IT support. It seems we have constant computer headaches - one computer suddenly not sharing, another one is too slow today, backup issues, printer issues, etc, etc. What we really need is some regularly checks our system - not just reacts to our panic phone calls.

What are all of you doing about IT? Do you have a company, or a "guy", or YOU? How much are you spending? Do you have a contract or are you paying hourly?

Any ideas?

We love all of our technology - but it is driving us crazy!


Blogger Matt Kroona said...

I feel your pain! I do my own IT work but I am fortunate to have a son who's a geek so he helps me a lot. I used to help Matt Montgomery with his IT stuff but it got to be way too much work so now he pays for an IT person (like you do) and I hear he pays a lot. Other than doing it yourself, I'm not sure there's any other way around it.

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Blogger Eric Iwamoto said...

I was looking for a birthday card this morning and found an appropriate one that mimics your frustration.

"Ever notice, the older we get, the more we're like computers?

We start out with lots of memory and drive, then we eventually become outdated, crash at odd moments, acquire errors in our systems, and have to have our parts replaced"

Hang in there! If everything is set up correctly, you should not be having constant computer issues. Occasionally, some things are bound to go haywire but you seem to be having a systems issue that needs to be addressed. I'm sure your IT person is doing the best of his/her ability, however, sometimes it helps if a new fresh set of eyes examines the problems. Why not give a different IT person a try?

We had an IT person that essentially was on the payroll every month because we were also having constant computer issues. After he moved away, we were so scared yet magically almost all the issues disappeared! Hmmm! I’m not implying that you are having a similar situation, just think about giving a qualified person a chance to look over your system.

I understand that ISI is still trying to determine the most cost effective method for upgrading the classic i-CAT. One idea is to trade-in the classic for the new generation i-CAT, which can be expensive. However, you must remember that the new generation i-CAT vertical movement is fixed and only the chair is adjustable. Many classic i-CAT users seem to enjoy the flexibility of moving the chair and the unit. Then again, the new generation i-CAT allows a full orthodontic scan in only one rotation because the sensor can be orientated in landscape or portrait modes. As you are aware, the classic requires the EOF two scans.

If you want to keep the ability to raise and lower the machine, you can choose to upgrade the classic i-CAT to a new 14 bit sensor. It may or may not require a new x-ray tube head. When 16 bit technology becomes available, it will require the newer 14 bit sensor. A new computer using XP Professional is needed for the 14bit sensor, which should solve your specific i-CAT computer issues. We had the 14 bit upgrade with a new tube head and have not had any i-CAT problems.

Have a Happy New Year!

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