Thursday, April 24, 2008

QA Phantom

I must have my icat machines inspected annually in Colorado. This time the inspector informed me that I needed a QA phantom - they must do it according to the "manufacturers" instructions. I do not have this QA phantom and when I called ISI, they said I must buy it. We are waiting for the fax with the price (3 days!!) but when we called back they said it was about $1000. Also, it will not be the right one for the new machines (which I plan on getting.) This has been yet another frustrating ISI experience question is, does anyone have this phantom that I could borrow, rent, etc? I would pay the shipping of course. Please let me know if you can help me out at 303-759-9445 or Thanks! Marcelle

Arun, shouldn't have I gotten this with my equipment (that is what Product Bulletin #1 states). I received the platform and the water bowl but thats all.



Blogger Arun said...

I trust the response "you must buy it" was based on the presumption that a replacement was being requested and the original was lost. We have come across numerous occurrences of these quite expensive QA phantoms being misplaced or mistakenly discarded by certain offices. After a few were replaced free of charge, a policy was understandably instituted to charge for a replacement, and the tech support team was instrcuted accordingly.

What likely occurred here is that your system pre-dates the time when QA phantoms started shipping as a standard component. Knowing you, Vicky and others in your offices, I can vouch that you would lose an iCAT accessory only if it was pried away from your cold, dead hands :-), quoting Charleton Heston. The tech support person may not have been aware that any units were ever shipped without the QA phantoms, given that we have many new recruits. This represents just one example of how a suboptimal expereince can occur, when we have hundreds of calls coming in every day with a very diverse set of requests.

I will have a QA phantom sent out to you at no charge.


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Blogger Rocky Mountain Oral X-ray said...

Thanks Arun. Vickie said thanks for the vote of confidence...

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