Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Less than 2 seconds

I think we, as radiographers should always consider the ALARA rule when using ionizing radiation: (as low as reasonably achievable), and think about this rule for each and every case we do.

Arun had this comment about the low dose scan:

“We do intend to provide a "child setting" for both normal 20-second scans and 10-second scans, with reduced kVp, mA, or both, optimal combination of which would have to be determined. We hope to get this project going soon. Arun”
This is good news from ISI because we should be able to reduce dose even further. The images I displayed should be better on a small child due to less scatter and smaller head volume. So we should expect the quality to improve a little since this scan was taken on an adult. Here are the attached TMJ images.


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