Tuesday, June 03, 2008

i-CAT Vision v.

Bug Alert!! We downloaded the new i-CAT Vision software, and in working with it discovered a bug in the Nerve Canal estimator. If you rotate the skull in the preview screen (raise the chin up on the lateral view, straighten on the frontal view, or straighten the pano view), the nerve canal estimator does not work correctly. For example - in the preview screen, I raised the chin up and rotated the frontal view slightly. I then went into the implant screen and opened the nerve canal estimator function. When I right click on the 4 foramina, the mental foramina are way down at the border of the mandible. When I completed the nerve canal function, the pink line is drawn way out of whack, does not follow the canal at all. I spoke with technical support, and we think the nerve canal function is using the original skull, not the rotated skull, even though the rotated skull is the one that show up on the implant screen. If I use the nerve canal estimator without rotating the skull, it works just fine. This finding is being sent on the the software guru's at Imaging Sciences to fix. Just thought everyone would like to know!!!

Overall - I like alot of the new features in this new version.



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