Tuesday, January 31, 2006

value of commcats

I gave away to a charity organization 2 commcats last year and now need a value on it for tax purposes. I can't find a used one online to compare. Any guesses? Marcelle

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Insurance codes for orthodontic scans

For those using the i-CAT scan in conjunction with
Dolphin 3D to produce an “orthodontic scan”, I am
curious what codes you are using for insurance.
Is CDT/D0322 or CPT/70486 the only appropriate
code (because it is the actual procedure) or can we
itemize by the images we are able to produce?
(panoramic, cephs, etc.) Some of my referring
orthodontists have indicated that acceptance of
the scan for orthodontic purposes could be increased
by billing for individual “procedures” as we have
in the past with conventional radiography.
Appreciate your input. Thanks.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Reports from oral radiologist

I am having a difficult time with the Advanced Dental Board (ADB). I am not getting my reports in a chronological order and sometimes I am unable to receive the report. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
Are you using other sources?

Friday, January 13, 2006

Archiving Issue

Sorry about the previous post. Trying to be like Liz ;-)
If anyone is using the archive feature from the patient database window
(recon study/archive to/removable media/destination folder), be aware
that Xoran is not always 100% with the restore feature. Discretion might
warrant copying the study file from the i-CAT folder and then using the
archive option to free up disk space. In other words, "back up before
backing up".

Thursday, January 12, 2006

i-CAT Users Group

i-CAT Users Group

iCAT Calibration.

Sorry gang. I published the last without any text.

We are now recommending to calibrate your iCAT machines (click View/Calibrate - make sure nothing is in the field of view of the x-ray) twice a day instead of only once. The reason for this is that there are temperature fluctuations throughout the day and the extra calibration will help account for this and improve the quality of the scan. We also recommend that if you are doing high res. scans (0.2 voxels) that you calibrate just before that scan. Also, keep in mind to that calibrating is not meaningful if you do it at 8 am but don't take a scan until noon. In this case, wait until just before your first patient that day to calibrate. Let us know if any questions.

i-CAT Users Group

Monday, January 09, 2006

Ghost 9.0 problems

I am in the process of getting a mirror hard drive put in my i-CAT but at present I am using an external drive. I have had problems with Ghost 9.0 for the back-up software. Anyone out there experiencing this problem?

Monday, January 02, 2006

High Water

Dear Bloggers,

Many of you know about the rains in Northern California latley. Our DDI Education center is right on the Sacramento river, and many of you have been to our center. If you have been there, you may remember the view from the second story balcony (where DDIU is). From there you would see a grassy area and the lower parking lot. Now it is all flooded. Our center is OK as of now. I hope all your labs and homes are safe, as we are in for more rain.................


Every once in a while I get some noise on a scan. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas what caused it? It will usualy goes away when I re-process the Raw data.