Tuesday, November 28, 2006

i-CAT Users Group

i-CAT Users Group
New CDT codes

Effective January 2007 new CDT codes will be in place for cone beam scans.

D0360: CBCT craniofacial data capture
D0362: CBCT 2D image reconstruction existing data
D0363: CBCT 3D image reconstruction existing data

Monday, November 13, 2006

TMJ profile

I tried to create an iCAT vision CD which includes the patients closed/open/orthodic volumes. I saw that the three volumes were on the CD but only the open and orthodic were in the patient file when the CD opened up in iCAT vision. Any thoughts.

From: i-CAT User in Brazil

This is a relayed message from Dr. Emilson Barros de Oliveira Junior in Brazil:

Good night!

Excuse, I do not write the English well.

I saw some postagens its in blogger I-cat.
I taste future to enter i-cat blog!

We use the I-cat in Fortaleza/CearĂ¡/Brazil. We are printing reports in film (no paper) in the Dryview8150 printer of the Kodak. However, I have problems with no Dicomprint on software, have that to print in pdf and later transforming into JPG or Dicom, the printer one only recognizes dicom.

Mr. knows somebody that prints dicomprint? Or as to export the obliquos cuts (trans axial)?

Thank you verry much.


Emilson Junior, CD

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hi Res Scans

I couldn't find the original post for this so I'm starting a new one. In response to a comment I made, Samantha said

"Matt - You are right about there being little difference between 40 sec and 20 sec with 0.3 voxel. We've actually eliminated the 40 sec 0.3 voxel scan from new machines."

So now I'm curious... using this same logic, shouldn't there be very little difference between .25 and .3 voxel? Or is there something magical in the math when we go under .3mm?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

iCAT vision troubles

I tried to create an iCAT vision CD from a 40 sec .25 scan. For some reason the iCAT vision opens up without the patient file available. Any thoughts?