Thursday, December 13, 2007

Slice thicknes 0.3mm or 0.4mm?

Hello everyone,
I was wondering; what slice thickness do you use on you Icat machine?
For implant planning software 0.4 is the optimal slice thickness. For radiographic interpretation purposes do you find 0.4 mm adequate or do you or the Oral Radiologist you work with prefer 0.3mm slice thickness?
We find the 0.4 mm way more portable when transfering them over the internet.
Thank you

Monday, December 10, 2007

Computer Problems!!

Ok - our i-CAT computer is dying. Our morning patients are cancelled, our IT guy is here right now trying to resurrect the computer - again! This the original computer from our 2004 i-CAT installation, running on Windows 2000 Professional. Obviously, we are replacing it.

We have 5 computers in our office all networked to a server. We are spending a fortune on IT support. It seems we have constant computer headaches - one computer suddenly not sharing, another one is too slow today, backup issues, printer issues, etc, etc. What we really need is some regularly checks our system - not just reacts to our panic phone calls.

What are all of you doing about IT? Do you have a company, or a "guy", or YOU? How much are you spending? Do you have a contract or are you paying hourly?

Any ideas?

We love all of our technology - but it is driving us crazy!