Monday, July 19, 2010

iCAT Updgrade continued...

Well, by Friday my machine in Northglenn was upgraded. And we love it!! Good image and really fast! Still working out a few kinks with my network and software (oops...forgot we needed the Adobe on this computer!)

The bad news is that they were not able to upgrade my other lab in Denver, after I had marked off 2 days to do it. They are being very accomodating about rescheduling. Hopefully, they have learned alot on my install and will correct the problems ( I think they will).

I'll keep you posted if any other issues come up.................

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

iCAT Upgrade

I am upgrading from 12bit to 14bit this week. So far it is not going well because they did not send all of the proper parts. If you have not had your power supply + tubehead replaced, then they will need to do it now. Somehow, this was overlooked...oh, yea, then they overlooked sending it overnight air so we are down one more day. I will keep everyone posted...I'm afraid ISI isn't even close to the company it once was :-(