Saturday, November 26, 2005


It will be nice if we can combine the iCAT user's meeting with the Dolphin meeting.
It will be worth to come all the way from Israel.
For the enthusiastic skiers we can add few days of skiing together before the meeting

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Is anyone using the Codonics printer for their i-CAT reports? I'm looking into getting one as the first step toward going 100% digital. I'm curious how the reports compare to ink jet, how much each print costs, how they look on paper compared to clear, stuff like that.

I am currently using an Epson inkjet printer and am happy with the quality of the output but not happy with the speed of the printer or the drying time of the ink. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mrs. Smith, I think we may have found the cause of your paresthesia.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

2006 Dolphin Meeting

If you want to save $50, the early registration for the Dolphin Meeting in Arizona ends November 30. Go to and obtain a registration form. Dr. Mah will be speaking on 3D Imaging and Modeling in the orthodontic office and Dr. Hatcher is presenting on 3D surface and Volumetric Imaging. Dr. Cates lecture is about using Dolphin's cephalometric module. Learn how to utilize AnyWhere Dolphin to send your records electronically encrypted to meet HIPPA regulations.

If your referring orthodontists are considering going digital, they will most likely be at this meeting. It would be a great opportunity for you to explain to your doctors how you can transfer patient records electronically the same day as their imaging appointment! Do not get caught off guard, be proactive in keeping your current orthodontic referral base happy.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Chair Upgrade/Denver in February

We also consider the chair upgrade worthwhile! I have not hit any shoulders either - HOWEVER - I have hit the chin cup!! Every once in a while I still use the chin cup on a wiggle worm patient - or the implant case on an 80 year old patient with tremors I had the other day. I forgot to remove the chin cup and holder and the tube head hit it. I does not make the i-CAT very happy when you do that!!

Is anyone using the .3 voxel 20 second scan for implants & TMJ? I am using the .4 for TMJ and .3 for implants. I did not see alot of difference between the 2 for TMJ cases.

We would volunteer one our offices in Denver for the users meeting. How about Denver in February? Skiing is great at that time of year!


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

i-CAT Users Meeting in Santa Barbara-Cancelled!

Dr. Arnett's wonderful manager, Michaele, valiantly attempted to accommodate our request to hold a concurrent i-CAT meeting at the same hotel and during the same time as Dr. Arnett's Advanced Orthognathic Surgery Foundation Meeting and unfortunately it did not work out. The other reason was the lack of sufficient interest from the i-CAT users. It also seemed like it was just bad timing as many of you already had prior commitments for that weekend.

Arun said that he is willing to fly out (again) just to attend our meeting. Therefore, we can schedule the i-CAT users meeting for another day that would accommodate more people. Please indicate on the comments section (next to my name) what days you are available in January or Febuary. If we have the meeting at someone's office, it would eliminate the costs of the hotel meeting room, AV equipment, food and drinks. Any volunteers?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Reconstructing Raw data

Sorry, I didn't intend to be "missing in action" for the last week or so. However, a trip to Florida and a steep increase in tech support calls directed my way due to Samantha's maternity leave caused a major backlog in my e-mail.

To answer Matt's question, 0.4 mm and 0.3 mm scans can be interchangeably reconstructed, and so can the 0.2 & 0.25 scans. However, the boundary between these 2 groups should not be crossed. Although the system might permit it, there would be no gain in "real" resolution, in fact there likely would be a loss.

Yris was reconstructing across this boundary for the specific purpose of minimizing halo/circumference artifacts.


Tips & tricks from the meadle east

In order to keep edentolous(or partialy edentolous) patients perfectly stable, I use this flat tray to take an impresion. during the curing time I already set the patient positioning. It doesn't take to much time & the results are perfect !!
You can eliminate this material on the 3DVR !

Monday, November 14, 2005

i-CAT Users Meeting

Dr. Arnett's Advanced Orthognathic Surgery Foundation is having their annual meeting at the Andalucia Hotel in Santa Barbara, January 19-21, 2006. The featured speakers will be Dr. Arnett, Chester (Dolphin Imaging), Arun (ISI i-CAT), 3dMD, & Dr. Binder. This"advanced" course is for past attendees of Dr. Arnett's beginning course. The two Keynote speakers and additional nine speakers have presentations designed for orthodontists.

Chester suggested that we hold our i-CAT users Meeting at the same hotel since Arun, Dr. Gunson and Chester will already be in the same building and all three will present to our group on Saturday. I will check if 3dMD would give us a short presentation too. We would also be allowed to enter the vendors room to view their displays. Michaele Carnahan is Dr. Arnett's office manager and she will give us a tour of Dr. Arnett's facility.

I have reserved an available meeting room at Hotel Andalucia on Saturday, January 21 that will fit 30 people (clasroom style-tables & chairs) with AV equipment. The hotel requires us to post a deposit very soon or else they will release the room. The cost of the room, continental breakfast, lunch and equipment rental will be approximately $100 per person, based on 30 attendees. I will need to collect those funds in advance as the hotel requires full payment before the event date. If we eliminate the tables and only have chairs, we can fit more people so the cost can be lowered. I have to know right now who will be able to attend so I can confirm the reservation & speakers. All of this is tentative and we all need to decide what is best for all the i-CAT Users. Please response immediately in the comments area next to my name.

Kathleen, if we do not get enough quick reponses, do you have room at your office to hold a meeting? How far is your office from Dr. Arnett's and Hotel Andalucia? How many people can you accomodate for a meeting?

Thank you!

Reconstruct raw data

Hey! Someone from ISI (Ida?) recently spent a bunch of time working on my computer and was reconstructing data from a .3mm scan into .4mm AND .25mm. My question is, if I do a 20 sec scan @.4mm and I reconstruct at .25mm, do I get any more information than I had at .4mm? It seems to me that one can reconstruct down (.3 to .4) but not up (.4 to .3). Any comments?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

ortho protocol

Does anyone have the article Dr. Mah referred to in his presentation?
July 2005 JCO which described his protocol of what images were
approriate to produce from the scan for orthodontics.

iCAT in Israel

i-CAT Users Group
We (all the Israeli Imaging centers owning an iCAT) had a booth in the Israeli dental show. Many doctors visited our booth and were amazed. Didn't stop talking for 3 days.
On December 7th we are attending an Orthodontic meeting,
since I don't have the EFOV yet, You are welcome to send me any interesting material I can present there.

From the Colorado Connection

Marcelle, Vickie, Peggy and Laura are all ready to add our 2 cents in ( would that be 8 cents with all of us?). Love the tips and techniques idea, Matt. Sometimes its the little things that make our job a little easier each day! We have a booth at the Mid-Winter Dental Convention in Denver Jan 18-21 - so we are not sure who will be able to make it out to Santa Barbara. This is a real cool way to keep in touch with everyone!


With You

Thanks for the opportunity to continue in this dialogue....really helps keep me grounded in this new exciting adventure. I will try to contribute problems and fixes.....

All the best from the Northwest...

Tips & Tricks Subsection

I'm wondering if we should have a "Tips & Tricks" section where people can post little shortcuts and things that make life easier. For example, the "Shift-F11" shortcut that toggles from the report window to the patient scan data window is one I use regularly and new users should be aware of this.

Possibly out of my league!!!

Greetings i-CAT Users,

First time Blogger here and proud of it! Is this not considered an unnatural act punished by jail time in some states? Not 100% sure what I'm doing ... now getting ready to push the "Publish Post" button ... here goes ... YIKES!!!

Matt Montgomery, aka

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Thanks for the Blog...what a great idea!

Thanks for the great idea Eric. This is so much easier than mass email and now I can tell my kids how "with it" I am! It was no problem signing up and easy to bookmark the space. This is great.

Now let's hammer out details for Santa Barbara y'all. Thanks to Arun and Chester for approaching the Arnett/Gunson group, since I know them less than the two of you do. What do people want? How can I help and what can I make happen? Kathleen (I"ll get the dates correct...I was on overload the other day and trying to do all this emailing, see the blogging is much more sane)

Dolphin 3D subsection of i-CAT Users Group

Greeatings, i-CAT users! I'd like to keep this area for discussions regarding using the Dolphin 3D program with i-CAT. Please publish your comments, suggestions and criticisms here! I will personally check it, along with Dolphin soft engineers and technical support personnel.

Happy i-CATing!

Chester Wang

So I need to visit here regularly?

Do I get an email telling me there are new postings or do I need to check here daily? I guess I could check here as often as I check Ebay, which is at least once per day.

I think I'll set up my own blog. I'll let you know when I do so that you can peek inside my complex and often confused mind.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Glad to see this site! Thank you all for setting it up. I look forward to exchanging ideas and thoughts on the I-CAT.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Thanks, Eric & Chester

Thanks, Eric & Chester, for your suggestion and taking the plunge to create this forum utilizing this web based framework provided by Google. It should turn out to be a tremendous advantage to capitalize on Google's enormous resources and knowhow, making its access free & simple, as opposed to a "home grown solution" subject to computing infrastructure & firewall issues if hosted within our facility.

For those who wish to join, is an invitation necessary, or is there another way for them to register? How do we keep unwanted and disruptive elements out? I am sure I can find the answers within this tool, but Chester or others might have simplified answers/guidelines.


Saturday, November 05, 2005

i-CAT study group Subsection

Hi Everyone!

I took Chester's suggestion and created this blog for our i-CAT study group.

It would appear that January 22 (Sunday) would probably be the best day to have our next meeting since Arun will already be in Santa Barbara. Chester, please ask Dr. Gunson if he is available on that day to give us a presentation and if he would give our group a tour of their facility using i-CAT/3DMD/Dolphin.

How many of you would be able to attend on January 22?