Tuesday, May 04, 2010

i-cat 3d dvt cb cone beam with extended field and panorama option for sale

I am selling our i-cat 3d dvt cb cone beam (bought january 2007) with extended field and pan-option

The kavo-group (Imaging Sciences International, Soredex, Instrumentarium Dental, Gendex, kavo) was unable to get our i-cat in proper working conditions in Austria Europe. See also my post from March 28, 2010.

We also have an extended warranty till february the 5th 2012, at the moment paid till february 2011.

As this case is in my opinion a big shame for imaging sciences international and kavo, I would expect them to be very helpful delivering and installing this wonderful machine in an world area, where they have competent technicians available.

For details see www.kavo-never.com

Please send offers to kavonever@gmail.com

Johann Wochl, Maishofen, Austria, Europe

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